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Charles J. Vopicka, his brother-in-law Otto Kubin, and John Kralovec founded the Bohemian Brewing Company in Chicago in 1891, and renamed it Atlas Brewing Company in 1896. Atlas remained open during Prohibition as the Atlas Beverage Company producing near beer and soft drinks and exploiting its bottling capabilities. When Prohibition was repealed, Atlas Brewing Company received the first license to resume brewing of real beer in the Northern District. However, prior to this Vopicka's original partners had died and the company wasn't profiting after the initial boom in business from the repeal despite the large appeal of Atlas Prager Beer. This was followed by Vopicka's death in 1935. All of this lead to the company going into receivership in the late 1930s.

In 1940, after a bankruptcy reorganization Louis Kanne became the majority stockholder and CEO of Atlas Brewing Company. He merged the brewery with Schoenhofen-Edelweiss brewery but each brewery kept its original name. This did not prove as profitable as was hoped and led to the purchase of both breweries by Drewrys. They continued to operation until 1962 when Atlas Brewing Company was closed permanently. 


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