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White text on a blue upper half of the button with vertical red and white stripes on the bottom half and an outer red edge

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Following the implication of Nixon and his advisors in the Watergate scandal, the American public was divided about whether or not to believe that the President had been unaware of his administration's cover-up of the break-in to the DNC headquarters in 1972. Initially, the majority of Republicans "back[ed] the president's" claim of ignorance to the illegal activity. However, a series of tapes released between April and August of 1974 destroyed Nixon's political reputation, revealing not only his knowledge of the break-in but also his "coarse and vindictive attitude" towards American people. Four days after the release of the "smoking gun" tape, Nixon resigned on August 9th of 1974. It remains the only time a U.S. President has resigned from the post.


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