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The Balloon Farm

The Balloon Farm Event Button Museum
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The Balloon Farm button back Event Button Museum
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The Balloon Farm
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Illustration of circle with curved green and orange stripes on a green and white striped background.  Black text on one of the white stripes.

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The Balloon Farm was a psychedelic garage-rock band from New Jersey formed during the late 1960s. Their only hit single, “A Question of Temperature,” peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 37 in 1968; however, the band broke up later that year. Since then, they have appeared on several psychedelic garage-rock compilations and box sets. Their song has been covered by numerous bands, including Brownsville Station and The Lords of the New Church. The geometric design featured on the button is called Op Art or Optical Art. Popularized during the 1960s, contrasting colors and warping or swelling patterns give the optical illusion of movement.


Psychedelicized. (2021). The balloon farm.

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