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Suspiciously bald barber wearing tasseled red cap, blue smock and white pants, wields comb and giant scissors over young boy sitting on a merry-go-round horse with a red saddle. Top and bottom sections of the button are white with black text, the center features the illustration on a black background.

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The Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark N.J. buttons, badges, novelties and signs. [union bug] NEWARK NEW JERSEY

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Barber Bill's Happy Land Barber Shops catered to children ages two to twelve and were located inside major department stores such as Gimbel and Culbertson's during the 1920s. Kids enjoyed riding atop the hobby horse while Barber Bill kept parents pleased by promising the highest degree of sanitation and patience.

"Barber Bill and his Barber Shop are to the children what Santa Claus is at Christmas time. He is the man who makes them happy while they have their hair cut on Hobby Horse Chairs."


Next! Barber Bill [Advertisement]. (1920, May 27). The Pittsburgh Press, p. 22.

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