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Batos Club Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Batos back Club Busy Beaver Button Museum
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White text on black bar inside of blue, white, and red circles outlined in black over white background. Plastic molded backing.

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Interlocking red, white, and blue circles is the 1990s era logo for Cuban sporting goods manufacturer Batos, the Cuban sport industry brand. Established in 1965, Batos produces baseball gear, boxing equipment, and games, such as chess, checkers, and dominoes. The company also makes sporting equipment for children and supplies all uniforms for the island's baseball teams. Sports are very popular in Cuba; Baseball is considered a national pastime. INDER, the National Institute of Sport, Physical Education, and Recreation, coordinate all sports programs. They promote fitness and recruit promising young athletes into sports-oriented secondary schools. There are 27 schools, each specializing in a different sport. Over the decades, many Olympians have come from the INDER schools of Cuba.


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