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Be Beary Healty Please Don't Smoke

Be Beary Healty Please Don't Smoke Cause Button Museum
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Be Beary Healty Please Don't Smoke button back Cause Button Museum
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Be Beary Healthy. Please Don't Smoke. AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY
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Illustration of a brown bear with black text above and below on a white background

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union bug

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Founded in New York in 1913, the American Society for the Control of Cancer focused on simply raising awareness about cancer and help decrease the negative stigma that surrounded a cancer diagnosis. After WWII, the organization reorganized to form the American Cancer Society and now strives to provide educational resources, support, and access to medical care to those suffering from any form of cancer. Their work in cancer research, including lung cancer associated with smoking, has helped reduce the rate of death from cancer in the United States.

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