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Bell's Inspired Brewing

Bell's Inspired Brewing Beer Button Museum
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Bell's Inspired Brewing button back Beer Button Museum
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BELL'S Inspired Brewing
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Illustration of three bells in a yellow rectangle. Black text

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Opened in 1983 by Larry Bell, Bell's Brewery, Inc. is a brewing company that was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Originally, Bell opened a homebrew supply store under the name Kalamazoo Brewing Co. The beer proved popular across Michigan that by 1990, the beer started to sell in other states. Enjoying success, the company opened a second brewery in 2003 called the  Krum Avenue Brewery, which is located in Comstock, Michigan. The company changed its name to Bell's Brewery Inc, due to that being the name most people referred to the brewery as. Today, the beer continues to be distributed throughout thirty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. As of 2017, Laura Bell, who is the daughter of Larry Bell, has been promoted to CEO of the company.

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