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Illustration of the top half of a man's head with black glasses, white hair and a yellow lightbulb over him and black text at the bottom

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This button is referring to Bernie Sanders, a democratic politician from Vermont. As of 2015, Sanders is serving his second term as the junior senator from Vermont in the United States Senate. Sanders is known as one of the Senate’s progressive leaders, and has focused his political work on issues like economic equality, universal healthcare, LGBT rights, and climate change. Bernie Sanders is also a candidate for the Democratic party’s nomination in the 2016 presidential race. As of October, 2015, he has set himself apart from his competitors by his decision to only accept campaign donations from individuals, rather than Political Action Committees (PACs).

Sanders was considered a long-shot when he first announced his candidacy in April, 2015, however his campaign events have drawn large crowds and he has gained momentum on social media. Polls from September 2015 indicated he was the favored democratic candidate in both Iowa and New Hampshire. This button was designed to support Sanders' 2016 presidential run, the light bulb image used as a metaphor representing an "A-ha!" moment of being made aware of Sanders and his politics.  

This button was manufactured by the Busy Beaver Button Co.

Catalog ID PO0220