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Illustration of a photograph of Bernie Sanders in light blue with white and blue text. Small image of red star and white star in text.

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Bernie Sanders, an Independent/Democrat member of the United States Senate from Vermont, sought the Democratic Party Nomination for 2016. He announced his candidacy on April 30, 2018. Sanders lost the Presidential Democratic nomination to Hilary Clinton but endorsed her as the Democratic candidate. Sanders was born in Brooklyn, New York. Throughout his political career, he has focused on the shrinking American middle class and the growing income and wealth gaps in the United States. Sanders first became interested in politics because of Adolf Hitler. During his college years, he maintained a low GPA of 2.5. Sanders participated in the March on Washington in 1963. In 1987, he released a folk album entitled, “We Shall Overcome.” He received help on the album from 24 musicians. Sanders went on to campaign for President again in 2020, but suspended his campaign.


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