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The Best Dog for the Job

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THE BEST DOG FOR THE JOB GOOD DOG, MILLIE Macmillan Publishing Company
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Illustration of an English Springer Spaniel in front of a white background with text on top and bottom.

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Mildred "Millie" Kerr Bush was the family dog of President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush. Named after the families long-time friend, Mildred Kerr. Millie, an English Springer Spaniel, was born on January 12 1985 and lived to be twelve years old. Upon her death, a dog park in Houston, Texas was named in her honor. During her life, Millie was famously mentioned in a political speech by President George H.W. Bush where he used the dog to attack his opponents, Bill Clinton and Al Gore. The President stated:

“My dog Millie knows more about foreign affairs than these two bozos.”​

In addition, Millie also came into the spotlight through her own books. The first is titled Good Dog, Millie: A Day in the Life of America's Most Famous Canine, and another where she is credited as the author, titled Millie's Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush, which focuses on her life in the White House. Millie also made appearances in television programs such as The Simpsons and Murphy Brown.

Source: Gelb, L. H. (1992, November 1). Foreign Affairs; George, Bill and Millie. The New York Times. Retrieved from

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