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Pink text over a photograph of a man's head and shoulders, with curly dark hair and a headband

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Stephen "Big" Hamm, along with Robert "Lil Hamm" Dayton performed as Canadian synth-pop comedy duo Canned Hamm in the 2000s. They marketed themselves first and foremost as entertainers, relying heavily on humor in all three of their studio albums, KARAZMA!Erotic Thriller, and Sincerely Christmas. Their final album was released in 2007, but their music continued to influence Canadian performers and a tribute album Canned Hamm's KARAZMA: Reimaged was released in 2013, featuring many popular Canadian artists. Although Canned Hamm no longer performs, both Hamm and Dayton are still active artists. Hamm continues to create music both individually and in collaboration with other artists while Dayton focuses primarily on illustrations.

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