Book It 10th Birthday

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Text on Button BOOK IT! 10th Birthday
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Illustration of five kids and one dog holding pizza's with a candle on each over a yellow background with a blue banner above and pink text with an outer purple edge with speckles on it.

Curl Text ©1994 Pizza-Hut, Inc
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Started in 1984, Pizza Hut’s Book It! program has rewarded students in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade upon meeting their reading goals. Inspired by a Pizza Hut president whose child struggled with reading, readers receive a free Personal Pan Pizza, prizes and stickers to keep track of their achievements and encourage them to read. Stickers are collected on the buttons after meeting each goal, providing incentive for students to earn additional stickers and prizes. The Book It! 10th birthday was celebrated in 1994 with this button where students could "light" the candles on a birthday cake with flame stickers to represent their reading achievements.

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