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Blue text on a black background and a baseball with two red socks.

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This button shows the Boston Red Sox baseball team's logo.  This specific logo was used primarily during the years of 1961-1969.  The red hanging socks logo has been a prominent symbol for the team since the early 1930's.  The hanging red socks symbol has only endured minor changes over the years since the team officially became the Red Sox in 1907.

The Boston Red Sox baseball team was founded in 1893 in Toledo, Ohio as a part of the minor Western League. In 1900, the team moved to Boston, Massachusetts when the Western League officially changed to the American League.  The team was called the Boston Americans during their win in the first ever World Series in 1901 and then were called the Boston Somersets in 1902.  The name Red Sox was chosen by owner John I. Taylor in 1907 due to the color of uniform socks and has been their name since that time.

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