Boycott Kraft Marlboro Man

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Text on Button Give the Marlboro Man the Boot! Boycott Kraft!
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White background with with a red rim, red diagonal line through the center, and white text around the rim. In the center of the button is a small black union bug and a black and white illustration of a skull wearing a cowboy hat and smoking a cigarette.

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“Give the Marlboro Man the boot” is an often used slogan in numerous campaigns against the Marlboro cigarette brand and its company, Philip Morris International. For many years, activists have criticized the company’s marketing campaigns, particularly the use of the iconic Marlboro Man Cowboy who embodied the pinnacle of a strong, rugged man. Numerous men have played the Marlboro Man since the beginning of the campaign in 1954; since that time, several of those actors have died of lung-related diseases. 

In 1988, Philip Morris International (now known as Altria) acquired the Kraft Foods company, which it retained until 2007. During this period, campaigns against Marlboro and Philip Morris International called for a boycott of Kraft as well. 


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