Boycott Non-Union Lettuce Red

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Text on Button Boycott Non-Union Lettuce
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Black text on red background with black Aztec eagle in the center. 

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The Salad Bowl strike began in August 1970 and led to the largest farm worker strike in American history. Led by United Farm Workers against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, it culminated in the passage of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Act in 1975. In summer 1970, 6,000 drivers and packing workers (represented by the Teamsters) went on strike, causing the price of lettuce to triple instantly. The UFW, outraged because their jurisdiction over field workers was lost, supported a nationwide boycott of any lettuce that was not picked by members of the UFW. The strike ended on March 26, 1971, when the Teamsters and UFW signed an agreement restating the UFW’s right to organize field workers.

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