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Bozo the Clown Pink

Bozo the Clown Pink Chicago Button Museum
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Bozo the Clown Pink button back Chicago Button Museum
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A color illustration of Bozo the clown with blue and red dots around the illustration. Red and black above and below the illustration on a pink background. 

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Bozo the Clown was created in 1946 by Alan W. Livingston. The character was introduced to the world by Capitol Records in the form of a children’s record with an accompanying illustrated book set. Bozo later morphed into a popular television character when Larry Harmon (Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation, L.H.P.C.) bought the rights to Bozo in 1956. Harmon’s vision of a half-hour television show spawned hundreds of Bozo clowns around the U.S. with a few additional international clowns.  Arguably the most famous portrayal is the Chicago Bozo, Bob Bell, who performed on the WGN show from 1960-1984. His grandson, Alex Bell, a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds has a tattoo of his grandfather’s face in full Bozo make-up on his arm as well as a pair of clown shoes with the words “The shoes will never be filled.”  

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