Brat City Democrats Support Al Gore

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Text on Button Brat City Democrats Support Al Gore (union bug)
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Illustration of a bratwurst above a photograph of of Al Gore with red and blue text on a white background.  Blue outer border has red ring and white stars.

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The term “Brat City” is one of the nicknames for Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Due to its popularity in the area, the city has also been called the “Bratwurst Capital of the World.” There is an annual fundraising festival that includes the Johnsonville World Bratwurst Eating Championship.

Sheboygan attorney and Democratic National Convention delegate, Angela Sutkiewicz, passed out memorabilia as a show of support for candidate Al Gore at the DNC. Sutkiewicz commented that if she knew they were going to be such a big hit, she would have sold them as a fundraiser.


Weiland, A. (2000, August 15). Brat City button a convention hit says local delegate. The Sheboygan Press, p. 1. Retrieved from

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