Break The Cycle Pitman Moore Insecticides

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Pitman Moore was a former animal health company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company started up in response to the rise of cholera in hogs in 1914, making a serum to what would be a small crisis for farmers. At the time, it was one of the few companies making a commercial serum. Eventually, the company would go on to expand to other products included eye shields to protect and speed healing of pets’ corneas, vaccines to protect cats from leukemia, test kits to detect lyme disease, and insecticide and insect repellant for use on livestock and pets. Through mergers and acquisition, the ownership of Pitman Moore would change many times as the company began to grow to be one of the top animal health companies, becoming the largest producer and seller and such products in the world. The company would eventually be bought out by Schering Plough in 1998, changing its name to Schering Plough Animal Health before shutting down on January 28, 2000.


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