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Illustration of Santa Claus holding onto two black presents with red bows.  White text on presents with red text on a white background.

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Julius Simon founded "Julius Simon Dry Goods" in 1897 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After three years, he moved to a larger building where he could lease out space to other merchants. There, he met Carl Herzfeld, who sold hosiery and undergarments, and Nat Stone, who was a jeweler. In 1906, they bought out Simon's shares in the company and renamed it Boston Store. At the store's height, it rose to seven floors, selling everything from records and tapes to ski equipment. Five more stores would open in the following decades and it declared itself to be, "The Heart of Milwaukee". Shoppers remember fondly the excitement that surrounded the store during Christmastime, where the flagship store expanded its toy section to a whole floor and had a working monorail hanging from the ceiling that children could ride. Breakfast with Santa was a store tradition that generations of children looked forward to.


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