Breckenridge Ski and Ride School

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Text on Button I Rode the Lift!!! RIPPEROO Breckenridge SKI & RIDE School
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Illustration of Breckenridge Resort's mascot Ripperoo riding a ski lift. Ripperoo is an anthropomorphic dog wearing a red sweater, blue pants, blue helmet, and yellow ski boots with skis. The illustration is on a blue background with white and green mountains at the bottom. There is red text as well as the resort's logo featuring blue and black text on a white background. 

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Breckenridge ski and snowboard school is a resort located in Colorado, USA with additional locations where children and adults new to skiing and snowboarding can take lessons to learn the sport. The resort has a lift, equipment, and multiple instructors to help guest have a memorable user experience. The ski resort evolved through stages of planning until finally opening to the public in 1961.


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