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Bridgeman's Lala Palooza

Bridgeman's Lala Palooza Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Bridgeman's Lala Palooza back Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Red and white illustration of a person with red text above and below on a white background

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The first Bridgeman's Ice Cream Shoppe opened in Duluth, Minnesota in 1936. Within eighteen months, six more ice cream shops were opened, and today, Bridgeman's operates a chain of restaurants and scoop shops in the Midwest and ships ice cream to stores around the country.

The LaLa Palooza was an eight scoop sundae invented in 1956 by founder, William Bridgeman. Customers who finished the giant sundae without help, received a button as a prize. The LaLa Palooza has been off of the menu at Bridgeman's for some time, but in 2016 the LaLa Palooza was brought back in honor of the company's 80th anniversary. 

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