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British War Relief Association

British War Relief Association  Club Button Museum
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British War Relief Association button back Club Button Museum
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Illustration of the Union Jack flag in the center with white text surrounding on the outer edge

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Western Badge & Button Co.
1109 W. 7th St.
Los Angeles

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The British War Relief Association (BWRA) was a United States-based humanitarian organization that dealt with the supply of non-military aid such as clothes, food, and other supplies to the people of Great Britain during World War II.  Prior to the United States entering the war, the US, though carrying an isolationist attitude to the events of the war, provided aid to Britain. As the war progressed, a number of charities appeared across the United States to aid the people of Britain by sending humanitarian supplies and aid.

Source:  WWII British War Relief of Southern California Celluloid Pin by Western Badge. Retrieved September, 2017, from

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