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Brookfield Zoo Official Litter Watcher

Brookfield Zoo Official Litter Watcher Club Button Museum
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Brookfield Zoo Official Litter Watcher button back Club Button Museum
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Green text and an illustration of an alligator head on a white background

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Brookfield Zoo opened in 1934 in Brookfield, Illinois and cares for 450 different species of animals. This is the first zoo in the U.S. to exhibit a giant panda and the first to build an indoor dolphin exhibit. They also built Tropic World, which includes the first indoor rainforest simulation.

The zoo has partnered with Disney on a conservation project in South America. The Chicago Zoological Society's research team takes samples from wildlife, gathers research on the environment, and monitors populations in Peru. Groups of youth volunteers occasionally help clean up any litter on the beaches of Punta San Juan.

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