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White and black text with a photo of Jimmy Carter on a white button overlayed with red, black, pink, and yellow rectangles.  

Curl Text 1976 The Millenium Group, INC. 924 Cherry Street, Phila, PA. 19107
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Jimmy Carter began his presidential campaign in 1976. Carter initially embarked on a naval career, but he took over the family peanut farm upon his father’s death. He was a Georgia state senator from 1963-1967 and lost his bid to run for governor in 1966. He ran again successfully and was Governor of Georgia from 1971-1975. He decided to run for President on the Democrat ticket and had a two-pronged strategy: in the South he ran as a moderate, in the North he appealed to conservative and rural voters. He tried to hit a territory first and visited 37 states before other candidates did. After getting the party nomination, Carter went on three TV debates with President Ford and even interviewed with Playboy magazine. He won the popular vote by 2% and the Electoral College by 57 votes. Carter was the first president born in a hospital and is the only president so far to have lived in public housing.


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