Bruce Dumont's Inside Politics

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Bruce DuMont is a Chicago based political analyst who has been active in political broadcasting since 1968. He began his career producing a radio show for WGN Radio. DuMont’s first on-air performance came with WLTD Radio in Evanston, Illinois where he quickly gained fame for his style of investigative reporting. DuMont began the show “Inside Politics” (now “Beyond the Beltway”). The original program was on air through WBEZ-F (91.5) from 1980 to 1995. (The show eventually moved to Citadel Broadcasting news/talk WLS-AM (890)). The show usually featured one-on-one interviews, sometimes round tables, with political candidates or newsmakers. Although this is a much later broadcast, you can listen to a political discussion between Bruce DuMont and Rick Santorum on youtube.

DuMont, outside of his broadcasting successes, also founded the Museum of Broadcast Communications in 1987. This repository not only holds and preserves historic and contemporary broadcasts from radio and television, it also has an online resource called the “Encyclopedia of Television.” The “Encyclopedia of Television” contains original essays on historic moments, policies, disputes, major television networks, etc. 

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