Bug-a-Boo Super Insect Spray

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Text on Button SCRAM FELLERS IT'S Bug-a-boo
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Yellow background with colorful bug with yellow and red striped bod speeding away from something outside of the button face.

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Bug-a-Boo Super Insect Spray, with or without D.D.T., was a product marked by the Socony-Vaccuum Co. of Fairfax County, Virginia. In 1955, the company became Socony Mobil Oil Company, later Mobil, and currently ExxonMobil. The insect spray carries the Good Housekeeping Seal and was one several marketed under the Bug-a-Boo brand.

"They thought they dodged it as they flew, But they can't duck this Super Spray. It makes 'em pay and pay and pay!"


G'bye boys, It's Bug-a-boo [Advertisement]. (1942, August 31). LIFE, 13(9), 16-16.

Catalog ID AD0090