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Buster Brown Hook

Buster Brown Hook Advertising Button Museum
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Buster Brown Vacation Days Carnival
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Illustration of a young, blond boy in a pink hat with his brown dog. Both are wearing large, blue bows around their neck while the boy winks and the dog shows his teeth. The background is divided by an angled line, radiating from behind the illustration. The top section is gray while the bottom section is yellow. "Buster Brown Vacation Days Carnival" is printed below the illustration in black. 

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This button represents the well-known advertising campaign for Buster Brown Children's Shoe company. The company, founded in 1904, purchased the rights to the little boy Buster Brown and his dog Tige, who were originally drawn by Richard Outcault in 1902. The company thrived for 100+ years, producing it's own radio show by 1926 and a television show by the 1950s. In the television advertisements the slogan of Buster Brown and Tige was "That’s my dog, Tige. He lives in a shoe. I’m Buster Brown. Look for me in there too." Today, Buster Brown Shoe Company is now known as Brown Shoe Company, owning the familiar names of Famous Footware and Naturalizer across the United States, Canada, and China.

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