Calabar Creations Pigasus

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Text on Button Angelic Pigasus
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Red-trimmed white text on the center left portion of button and red text on the bottom portion of the button. A color image of a pig with golden wings and bow on the right portion of the button. The image and text lie on a cloud background. 

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The “Angelic Pigasus” was created by the American artist Peter Apsit (1937-1999). After attending the University of Southern California for a degree in fine art in the early 1960s, he had a 25-year career as an artist. Apsit’s early career consisted of sculpting fountains and other free-lance projects. Eventually Apsit’s works was picked up by giftware companies and were sold in the form of collectible trinkets. Apsit was known not only for his sense of humor and cheerful personality, but his work was also known for being extremely detailed and intricate. Most of the collectible figurines that Apsit created were animals and various people. Some of the most popular figurines were his pigs with wings. Calabar Creations was a company based in Ontario, California that would sell collections of figurines including a lot of Apsit’s creations.

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