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Text on Button Surprise! You’re on Candid Button!
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Yellow, black, and red text on a white background and a camera lens

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The phrase, "Surprise! You're on Candid Camera!" was the catchphrase of the show Candid Camera, which ran on television from 1948 until 2014 with various networks picking up the program. Prior to television, the program was a radio show called Candid Microphone. The premise was to catch people in practical jokes or unaware that they were being recorded. The image displayed here on the "candid button" appears to be both an eye and a camera borrowing on the common theme of hidden spyware for joking purposes.

Creative House Productions Inc. originated in 1964 and was a design and manufacturing company based in Chicago, Illinois. It was responsible for the creation of many promotional comic pins found in gumball machines and Cracker Jack boxes. Creative House eventually created the brand PinMart, which became the first website to sell lapel pins. PinMart eventually outgrew its parent company and bought Creative House in 2008.


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