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Carter Mondale Leaders, for a Change

Carter Mondale Leaders, for a Change Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Carter Mondale Leaders, for a Change back Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Leaders, for a change. Carter Mondale
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Top third features green text on a white background. Bottom two-third has white text on a green background.

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Paid for and authorized by the 1976 Democratic Presidential Campaign Committee, Inc.

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Jimmy Carter was the fifty-year-old governor of Georgia when he announced his candidacy for the 1976 Presidential Election in 1974. He was a quick forerunner for the Democratic nomination. Carter emphasized his distance from Washington D.C. and his “outsider” status. He even made campaign buttons and various paraphernalia declaring his name and his intention to run for office due to his low-level name recognition at the beginning of his campaign. When he emphasized his status as a newcomer, the public was very receptive to it. Americans were gearing up for an election only two years after the 1974 Watergate Scandal which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon and the appointment of his Vice President Gerald Ford into the office of president. He chose Senator Walter Mondale for his running mate. The pair won the election with 297 electoral votes and Carter was inaugurated in 1977.

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