The Carters Come to Washington

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Text on Button THE CARTERS COME TO WASHINGTON Inauguration Day JANUARY 20, 1977
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Black and white photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Carter inside a red heart on a green background with white text

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There were quite a few different images utilized to commemorate the inauguration of President Jimmy Carter in 1977. This photograph includes both Jimmy and his wife Rosalynn but others, some of which can be seen on this website, feature just Carter himself. James Earl Carter Jr. served as the 39th President of the United States from 1977-1981. His previous political experience included being a member of his local board of education, a Georgia State Senator and later as Governor of Georgia. He served on nuclear submarines while a member of the U.S. Navy. After his father passed away, he left the Navy and ran the family peanut farm in Plains, Georgia. Carter won the presidency with Senator Walter Mondale as his running mate. During the campaign, he created a media firestorm by stating that he had committed adultery in his heart many times and that he did not care if people used the word f***. He won the election with the largest percentage of the popular vote of any non-incumbent since Eisenhower.  

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