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CASA Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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CASA back Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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It matters…to this one. CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates for CHILDREN
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Drawing of a girl in a red dress against a white background, a heart and starfish also appear in the background. The CASA logo appears to the right of the girl. 

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Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) was started in 1977 in Seattle, Washington. Since then, they have expanded their programs across the entire nation with headquarters in Seattle, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. Their mission is to provide a court-appointed volunteer advocate to every child who has experienced abuse or neglect to ensure they have a safe and permanent home. These volunteers work with state and local agencies to ensure judges have all the information they need to make court decisions about these children. In 2007, CASA helped 2 million children across the United States.


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