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An illustration of a plow on a black background. Surrounding the plow is a white ring filled with black text in a circular formation.

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The Cook County Truck Gardeners and Farmers Association (CCTG and F) began in 1902. It was a cooperative of local farmers who drove their produce into Chicago for sale. At its height during the middle twentieth century, the CCTG and F had its own insurance company, owned real estate, had about three thousand members, and was the largest organization within the Vegetable Growers’ Association of America. The CCTG and F disbanded during the 1960s.  This button likely dates from its 1941 annual conference.


“Truck farmers mark 50 years of co-operation.” Chicago Sunday Tribune. (17 Feb, 1952).  Retrieved from http://archives.chicagotribune.com/1952/02/17/page/201/article/truck-fa….

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