Centennial Congregational Church

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Black and white image of the Centennial Congregation Church on white background with black text around the button's border.

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Made by The Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark, N.J., USA. Patented  July 17, 1894; April 14, 1896; July 21, 1898

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During World War II, three Protestant churches in the small village of West Winfield, New York, came to the conclusion that there was a way that they could come together and contribute to the war effort. To preserve the resources required to heat and maintain each churches’ separate buildings, services could be rotated between the three buildings. One week they would be in the Baptist church, the next in the Methodist church, and the following week in the Congregational church.

The spirit of community they experienced in this endeavor led them to decide to consolidate themselves into one church. Churches that weren’t part of the original three were also invited to join in the spirit of ecumenicalism. Today the church that they formed together continues on as The Federated Church of West Winfield, “A Place to Belong.”

The button was made by the Whitehead & Hoag Co.—America's premier button manufacturer from the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.


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