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Text on Button "CERESOTA" For Young or Old - The BEST Flour sold.
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A colorful illustration of a young farm boy sitting on a bench, leaning on a canvas sack and wooden barrel, cutting into a large loaf of bread. Black text circles the illustration.

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Ceresota is a brand of flour introduced in 1891 by the Northwestern Consolidate Milling Company, the world's second largest flour milling company at the time, based in Minneapolis. As American flour milling migrated to the east coast, the mills were gradually closed in 1940-1950s. "The Million Bushel Elevator" Ceresota Building is one of only four remaining flour mills of the 34 operating in Minneapolis during the early twentieth century. Ceresota is currently sold in parts of the Midwest, New Jersey and Pennsylvania by private companies The Uhlmann Company and American Home Foods.


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