Challenger 6

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Illustration of a white, black and red space shuttle flying in black space with stars over a blue planet inside a hexagon with a thin red outline then a grey outline with red and purple text, then a thin purple outline surrounded by a white background.

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Insignia for Challenger Flight #6 (Winter '83)
The Space Shuttle consists of the Orbiter, a Delta-Wing airplane-like vehicle mounted on a large propellant tank with 2 solid propellant Booster Rockets attached. The solid Booster and Orbiter are recoverable. The Shuttle can perform missions for up to 30 days with crews up to as many as 7 people. The 6 sided logo & 6 stars in the Virgo Consellation represent the 6th Shuttle Flight. Above to open cargo bag is the combined Intertia Upper Stage and a Tracking & Data Satellite.

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Challenger STS-6, more commonly referred to as "Challenger 6", refers to a mission undertaken by NASA between April 4- April 9, 1983. Challenger was the name of the space shuttle utilized during the mission, while the number 6 refers to the fact that it was the sixth mission undertaken by the NASA space program. Challenger 6 featured the first spacewalk undertaken as part of the NASA space shuttle program. It also featured the first deployment of a Tracking and Data Relay Satellite.The names of the Astronauts that took part in the mission were: Paul J. Weitz, Karol J. Bobko, Donald H. Peterson, and F. Story Musgrave.

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