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Cheese City Tournament

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CHEESE CITY Aug. 10 1980 Tournament
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Red and white illustration of two hands on a rope with red text above and below on a yellow background

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The Cheese City Tug-of-War Tournament on August 10, 1980 was the first of an annual tug-of-war competition held at the Green County Fairgrounds in Monroe, Wisconsin. There are no records of a Cheese City Tug-of-War after 1982, meaning that this annual competition most likely ended after three years. This was a separate, stand alone event not part of the Green County Fair or Cheese Days, both of which have held tug-of-war competitions. 

The city of Monroe, WI is known as the “Swiss Cheese Capital of the USA” due to the city’s strong Swiss heritage and award winning cheesemaking. The city embraces its cheese notoriety with a Cheese Days Festival and a 47 mile recreational path named Cheese Country Trail. 


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