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Text on Button Cherished Teddies by ENESCO Celebrating Five Cherished Years Hurrah! Celebrating Five Cherished Years
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Photograph of a figuring made up of five teddy bears on a pedestal on a table with a blue background

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Cherished Teddies are collectable ceramic teddy bear figurines. Each Cherished Teddies figurine has a name and a back story, and comes with an adoption certificate. Cherished Teddies are anthropomorphized, outfitted in human clothes and accesories to match their story. Though some figurines are sold in retail stores, the company, founded in 1995, is membership based and the majority of the Cherished Teddies figurines are limited edition, available only for a specific year or season. Cherished Teddies Club “Membears" receive exclusive access to member’s only figurines, along with a “Symbol of Membearship” figurine and button. This button, "Celebrating Five Cherished Years," was distributed to Cherished Teddies Membears to honor the fifth anniversary of the Cherished Teddies Club. A limited edition five year anniversary figurine accompanied the button. 

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