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Blue text on a white background with two blue horizontal lines and one orange horizontal line with a blue football helmet with an orange C.

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One of only 2 teams left from the founding members of the National Football League, the Chicago Bears (formerly the Decatur Staleys 1919-1921) logo has remained fairly steady over their 96 year history. Keeping their colours of blue, orange and white from the earliest days, the blue helmet base colour has been in place continually since the 1936 season. Adopting a solid white wishbone shaped C as their logo in 1962, in 1973 it changed to the logo we know today, an orange C bordered in white.

From 1982-2011, the helmets were blue with the orange and white C and a blue face mask. Prior to 1982, the facemask was silver. After 2011, the face mask changed designs and no longer had the swooping dip to protect the ears and jaw, adopting a straighter line.

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