Chicago Blackhawks

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Text on Button Chicago Blackhawks 1968 NHL Service
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Older Blackhawk logo on white background with black text and and back line around red curl

Curl Text Mfg. R.R. Windy?...not legible
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The Blackhawks are a Chicago-based professional NHL hockey team founded in 1926. The Blackhawks acquired their name from a World War I machine gun battalion, named after an Indian chief. The battalion commander was the team's first owner, Major ´╗┐Frederic McLaughlin´╗┐. The logo was designed by his wife. The logo and uniforms have changed little over the years. From 1926 until 1986 the team was actually the Black Hawks. The Chicago Blackhawks have managed to escape criticism over the years for their use of a Native American representation as a mascot.

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