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Chicago Charter Jubilee

Chicago Charter Jubilee Chicago Button Museum
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Chicago Charter Jubilee button back Chicago Button Museum
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A illustration of a tree with an illustration of an acorn and two gold boxes filled with blue text over it on a gold background. 

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Though this button is celebrating the centennial of the city, there is some dispute regarding when Chicago was officially founded. The first settlements of non indigenous persons date back to the 1780s. The settlement however was not considered to be a town until 1833 with the population of around 200. On March 4th, 1837 the city of Chicago was incorporated, to many this is the official start of Chicago as we know it.

In 1933 and 34, the city hosted the "Century of Progress" at the World's Fair, to celebrate 100 years. This fair was held to not only boost morale during the Great Depression, but also to help improve the image of Chicago, which had suffered during Prohibition due to bootlegging activity. The second celebration in 1937 was different, it was more traditional with parades, speeches, canon salutes, horse shows, auto races and other spectacles.

The white oak tree is the state symbol of Chicago, adopted in 1908.

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