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Dark blue background with a red border, center image a white silhouette of a city skyline with text overlay and a small blue and red rectangle logo with a white silhouette of a baseball player in the upper left center.

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The Chicago Cubs are one of two baseball clubs located in Chicago, Illinois. They are also one of the oldest currently active American professional sports clubs and they have remained in the same city for their entire history. The club began in 1874, as the Chicago White Stockings, and has won two World Series championships. The first was won in 1907 and the second was won in the following year.  

The logo that is represented on this button has been the Chicago Cubs logo since 1979 and the silhouette in the background is of the Chicago Skyline. The Chicago Skyline is often ranked as the tallest and most magnificent skylines in the world. It has three of America's five tallest buildings. 

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