Chicago Cubs Tuck Stainback

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Born in 1911, George “Tuck” Stainback was a major league baseball outfielder for several teams, including the Chicago Cubs (1934–1937), St. Louis Cardinals (1938), Philadelphia Phillies (1938), Brooklyn Dodgers (1938–1939), Detroit Tigers (1940–1941), New York Yankees (1942–1945), and Philadelphia Athletics (1946). He competed in two World Series and finished his career with a btting average of .259. An LA native, Stainback returned to the area after retiring from baseball, and then became an executive for the Dodgers after they moved to LA in 1958. He developed group ticket sales and supervised the Dodgers’ Knothole program, which treated children to free baseball games. Stainback died in 1992 as the result of a stroke. 

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