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An off-white and navy background, split horizontally. On the off-white portion, an abstract orange illustration surrounded by navy blue block text, with "SOUVENIR" written vertically to the left of the illustration, and "CHICAGO FAIR" written horizontally to the right.

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The illustration depicts the Spiramid, a sculture which was the symbol of the 1950 Chicago Fair. The 1950 Chicago Fair took place at the Lake Front Exposition Grounds, currently known as McCormick Place, from June 14 through Labor Day. The Spiramid symbolized “the upward spiral of progress to new and even loftier heights in the standards of American living.” The fair emphasized the achievements in U.S. agriculture, commerce, industry, and science. The fair also hosted a pageant, “Frontiers of Freedom,” to emphasize America’s pioneer heritage. The Spiramid was dismantled when the fair closed and is no longer standing on the Lakefront.


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