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Chicago Office Equipment Display

Chicago Office Equipment Display Chicago Button Museum
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Chicago Office Equipment Display button back Chicago Button Museum
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Large gold text sits in a stacked formation inside a black shape that is round on the top and bottom and straight on the left and right side. The black shape sits on a gold background and is surrounded by black text along the border. 

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This button is from the 1941 Office Equipment Display at the Palmer House in Chicago. It was the sixth annual Display sponsored by the Office Management Association of Chicago and ran from February 11th to February 14th. The presentation was open to business men and women, and created one of the best business years for office equipment manufacturers since the beginning of the annual Display. 

Sources: Display of Office Equipment to be Held in Palmer House (1941 February, 2). Chicago Sunday Tribune. pt. 2 p. 5.

Trade in Office Equipment Field may set Record (1941 February, 12). Chicago Daily Tribune. p. 35.

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