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This button is likely a political slogan and worn to support a political campaign of Mayor Richard J. Daley. Daley served as the mayor of Chicago from 1955 until 1976, his death. Daley’s tight control over Chicago politics earned him the nickname as “the last of the big-city bosses.” He has been reelected in 1959, 1963, 1967, 1971, and 1975, serving five full terms and a partial term. It is the longest-serving mayor to date. He mainly focused on municipal services and architectural projects to contribute to the image of Chicago as “the city that works.” His reputation for personal honesty, hard work, and openness to the press is what led the voters of Chicago to bring a tremendous amount of loyalty and reelect him for each term. Before serving as the mayor, Daley also served as a state representative and senator, the state director of revenue, and the clerk of Cook County.


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