Chicagofest Blues

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Text on Button Chicagofest August 1-17, Olympia Beer Blues Muddy Waters and others, Olympia Brewing Company, Olympia-St.Paul
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An outer edge with a dark blue background with light blue and yellow wrap around text, and in the center of the button, a white background with a line drawing of a man who appears to be smiling or laughing. More light blue and yellow text centered above the illustration and smaller font below.

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From 1978 - 1983, Olympia sponsored the Chicagofest, a summer music festival that took place on the Navy Pier. Performers over the years included The Blues Brothers, Muddy Waters, Skafish, and the Scorpions.

Olympia is an American brewing company that was founded in the late 1800s in Washington state by Leopold Schmidt. They were known for making affordable lagers until they were acquired by G. Heileman Brewing Company in 1983 (After a change of hands several times, Pabst bought Olympia beer in 1999).

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