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Chocolate Mar Bel Ice Cream

Chocolate Mar bel Ice Cream Advertising Button Museum
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Chocolate Mar bel Ice Cream button back Advertising Button Museum
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Brown text on an ivory background.

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Popular in 1948, Swift’s ice cream was featured in many newspapers across the country. These newspapers featured home economist Martha Logan who wrote up delicious sounding recipes featuring different flavors of Swift’s ice cream. Ms. Logan was the head of the Home Economics Department for Swift and Company in Chicago, and she worked for the company by developing, testing, and promoting new products. 

Some of the other Swift’s ice cream flavors include: caramel nut fudge, candy cane, maple chocolate almond, and party peach. Swift’s Mar-bel flavors combined two different flavors together, and are what is commonly known as “marbled” ice cream. The term “marbled” ice cream refers to marble stone. The thin streaks of color in marble interwoven with one main color of stone is reflected in the ice cream with one main flavor and thin streaks of a second flavor interwoven throughout. Swift’s chocolate mar-bel ice cream combined vanilla and chocolate flavors.


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