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The City with a Smile

The City with a Smile Event Button Museum
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The City with a Smile button back Event Button Museum
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The city with a smile Pittsburgh
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Black and red text on a white background

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A.G. TRIMBLE CO., PGH. PA. 15222

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In 1985, the Pittsburgh Convention & Visitors Bureau decided to revamp their campaign efforts to the tourist audience. They changed their name to the Greater Pittsburgh Convention & Visitors Bureau and advertised the new motto and design in consumer publications.  

Pittsburgh is a city in Pennsylvania. It is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers where their field, Heinz field, has been featured in movies like Concussion and The Dark Knight Rises. Other attractions include Mr. Roger’s Memorial Statue, Mount Washington (where you can find a great view of the whole city), Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Randyland, and the Children’s museum.


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