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Clean Shirts Of America

Clean Shirts Of America Advertising Button Museum
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Clean Shirts Of America button back Advertising Button Museum
From the Morristown (Tennessee) Gazette and Mail Jun 5, 1934
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"Army" of starched folded shirts marching on a map of the North America continent. Map is in orange, blue and white and surrounded by a dark blue ring with white text.

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The slogan "The Clean Shirts of America" shows up in several newspapers advertising local companies providing laundry and cleaning services. Ad copy in the ads is the same or similar, all promoting the benefits of a clean shirt.

"Its procedure is simple. 1. Put on a clean shirt. 2. Look, feel and act prosperous. There's nothing like a clean shirt for boosting the morale. Join the Clean Shirts of America and take your place in the Big Parade Back to Better Times!"

The ads appear in the early 1930's coinciding with the Great Depression. The ads speak directly to the times: "boosting the morale" of the throngs of Americans out of work, and referencing "better times." Some of the ads include the Blue Eagle symbol - NRA Member: We Do Our Part" - representing companies that comply with the National Industrial Recovery Act.


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